Your Song For Charity

(Art by Alan Cooney)

Recent reports such as RESET 2020, highlight the increasing challenges facing the social sector and people working in charities. At the same time, the public are experiencing donor fatigue - all while more and more people are needing help everyday.

Now is a time where new ideas must at least be explored.

Of course many charities have utilised music in the past, but generally as a jingle or as part of a campaign. Basically they have used songs as ads. That simply doesn’t work these days. It’s well documented that people get hit with 1000’s of ads each day and block out all but a few.

However people are engaging with, and sharing more “real” songs than ever before. Your song needs to connect with people emotionally. It needs to be something people want to absorb into their listening lives and then share with their network.

I am seeking to get the opportunity to discuss with you, how such as "awareness asset" can be created for your organisation, how it can be funded, and how it can develop into a new income generating stream.

A Sample of Previous Projects

The Dizer - 2020. Peter Dinoris approached Nik to turn a poem into a song for his non-verbal autistic daughter Leah. The result is The Dizer! Peter has been driving the song to raise issue awareness. He has conducted interviews on most major radio and TV outlets. The song is closing in on almost half a million plays across digital platforms and has attracted support from personalities such as Ronn Moss (Bold and the Beautiful), the Philadelphia Eagles NFL team, to mention a few.

A video for the song has also just been released.

Hold Their Spirits High - 2008. This song was written in support of the over 70 000 who died and the more than 300 000 injured during the Sichuan earthquake in China.

The song was utilised in activities and televised events run by Guangdong media. Those events raised almost a million USD for the Chinese Red Cross. This project uniquely inspired some of the community engagement strategies Nik is helping organisations implement in 2021.

Come Back Soon - 2000. This song was used in projects Nik developed with the Australian Defence Force and the Triple M radio network. The projects supported families of troops on deployment, raised public awareness of the work being done by troops from Townsville and Brisbane, while raising funds for the Red Cross and two orphanages in East Timor.