Your Song - For Business

(Art by Alan Cooney)

A lot of us are feeling a bit battered these days! 

But that doesn’t mean we have to fall to the canvas. We have to get back up and maybe take a different approach here and there.

 Most people are really keen to support “local”.  One of the biggest challenges is how do you connect to the public, how do you tell your story and let them know you are there, in an environment where mainstream media is out of reach to most and digital social media is simply over saturated!

I passionately believe that used strategically, songs be a very powerful asset.

Over the last 15 years, visuals have dominated marketing as we all scrolled and swiped our way into a brave new world. Today however, many people have reached their limit of screen viewing time.  But while this has been occurring, enormous growth has been occurring in audio! With advances in streaming services, smart speaker and headphone technologies, we are listening to more music than ever before and products such as podcasts are being voraciously consumed. It helps that you can listen to such content while driving, exercising, working, going to sleep ….

Songs bypass logic, and connect to the part of our brain that creates memories and stimulates emotions. They are great communication tools. And let’s face it - everyone loves a good song.

I am seeking to connect with smart business people who are willing to listen to some new ideas!

Sample Song 1 - City of Beaches

Sample Song 2 - I Love This Life

Nik Phillips

I Love This Life was produced for Redcliffe Harness Racing.

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