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Businesses utilising music is of course, nothing new. However, in the past this normally involved a jingle or campaign based around a “novelty” song. These days the public see such activities as ads, and in our saturated media environment, people get hit daily with 1000’s of ads and block most of them out.

At the same time, people are now engaging with more songs than ever before.

Across my career, I’ve had a lot of experience in how songs can connect emotionally with people, even across cultural and language barriers.

I want to write Your Song.

Your Song won’t talk directly about your business, that would be an ad.

But it will tell a real story, that connects with your target audience. It will create fresh engagement and by using some simple strategies, will empower your staff, friends, clients - to actively become part of your organic marketing team.

And to make things easier for you, I am fortunate to be working with some of Australia’s leading marketeers, who will help design some templates and processes for your team to seamlessly implement in your daily activities.

The Call To Action - Please contact me so we can have a chat! - Nik.

Sample Song 1 - City of Beaches

Sample Song 2 - I Love This Life

Nik Phillips

I Love This Life was produced for Redcliffe Harness Racing.

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