The Ultimate Gift.

Most gifts require only one thing - money! In that sense it is rare to find something truly unique, something no one else can just buy. 

The gift of a song is truly unique, created from your thoughts and feelings. I sit with you and we get to the heart of what you want to say, what feelings you want to share. Hey, I then do the extra hard yards - but your song will sound and feel like the emotions you want to convey and share. A "piece of you" is in your song. It will be one of a kind, can be shared across generations, will create memories, and will live forever. 

So to celebrate a legacy passed on from your parents, to express your love to a child as they move into the big world, to capture forever your thoughts on your wedding day, to celebrate an anniversary, or maybe create a memorial - your song can say far more than words alone. 

Below are some examples of songs I have created as gifts. 

BTW - distance is irrelevant. If you like my music, I'll create YOUR SONG - no matter where you are in the world!


1. Basic Package - I meet with you and we create a brief. I compose your song to that brief and it is recorded with guitar/vocals.

2. Studio Package - Your song is studio recorded to international radio standards.

3. Plaque Package - Same as Studio Package, but your lyrics are printed onto a specially designed plaque.

4. Performance Package - Same as the previous listed packages,  but I also provide a live performance of your song.

5. Video Package - Same as the previous listed packages, but I also provide a video utilising footage and photos provided by you.


Please contact me to discuss which package best suits your requirements!


Sample Song - Ivy's Song (live and unplugged).