Its an amazing feeling to write a song and an even greater thrill when someone's face lights up, because they like your song!

I want to share that experience with you, and create YOUR SONG!

As a GIFT - Do you have a special event coming up? Or maybe you just want to tell someone how you feel, or want to celebrate and thank parents or a mentor - then the gift of a song is totally unique, will be unexpected and lives forever! 

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For BUSINESS - I'm not talking about a jingle or novelty song. A real song can reflect what makes you and your business special. I'll also present you with strategies which will energise your staff and even encourage clients to willingly become part of your marketing team.

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For CHARITIES - The public are pretty much "charity fatigued" and in a highly saturated market, getting cut-through is very challenging. I would like to show you some projects where a song has made a real difference.

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