Let me create Your Song, for You! A song doesn't just convey a message, it shares a piece of your soul.” - Nik Phillips

A Song - The Ultimate, Unique Personal Gift

They say a diamond lasts forever? Eventually time will even wear diamonds down. Are they each unique? Maybe. (But they do often look very similar). Now snowflakes are unique, but - they would be a fleeting gift. 

A song on the other hand, written and based upon your personal thoughts and feelings, is truly unique and once created, literally last forever! 

For your partner, parents, children or someone who has inspired you, the gift of a song will be totally unexpected, cherished and loved because some of your time, effort and a piece of your soul has gone into it. 

Now don’t worry, I do all the hard yards. But I do compose and produce  your song based upon thoughts you share with me.

Please take a moment to explore some of the songs I have been privileged to compose and produce for personal clients.

Empowering Business

Harnessing the language of songs!

Art by Alan Cooney - https://artbyallan.com.au

Many businesses are feeling a bit battered these days! But new opportunities are emerging. The public have never been more willing to “support local”.

The greatest challenge for most businesses, is how do you get heard and seen above the crowd. People are not responding to (really expensive) traditional marketing as they did decades ago, and (less expensive) social media marketing is over saturated.

One of the greatest growth areas is in audio. As people’s available screen viewing time is maxing out, the uptake of songs and podcasts is booming.

We would love the opportunity to speak with you about strategies which utilise songs to set you business apart, stimulate your staff and turn your existing network into a willing marketing team.

Please click here for more information and to hear some sample songs.

Reviews for the Sunshine State of Mind Songwriting Service:

Thank you Nik so much for the time and effort you put into our anniversary song. You made our special day even more special by giving us something so unique... we’ll hold this experience close to our hearts forever. Just when I couldn’t think it could get any better, you topped it off by performing it to Ivy and I at our home. Thank you again!! - Matt Tuton


Nik is a consummate professional. He is patient, attentive and his attention to the smallest details are what really brought this project to life. It was very clear to me from the beginning that his meticulous passion for his craft also extends to his clients. He is a perfectionist. Details, the final product and his clients' satisfaction are what matter most to Nik Phillips. 

The Cool Factor: I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Despite the 8900 mile and 15 hour time difference between Wisconsin and Australia, Nik was able to pull me into this process as if we were sitting at the same writing table or were in the studio together. With each track there were debriefs to ensure everything was going as planned. This produced a result that far exceeded my already lofty expectations. - Rob Nicholson