Releases by Nik Phillips

For over 4 decades, Nik Phillips has been writing and producing his own brand of independent music.

Renowned music historian Glenn A Baker says “Simply put, Nik Phillips is one of Australia’s most impressive singer-songwriters". 

Legendary music journalist Ritchie Yorke claims “Nik's albums are full of depth and conviction, the product of a creative life well-lived. His collection of songs will surely resonate around the state and beyond. Like seeds of the prodigious local Moreton Bay fig trees, these songs will germinate, grow and occupy a special place in your mind”

Please find below a sample playlist of Nik's songs as well as a link to where almost 100 of his songs can be downloaded.

If over the years you have enjoyed my music, thank you. You'll find in my songs pieces of my heart and soul! As an independent artist, can I please encourage you to visit the link below and download my music. As an indie, I make nothing from streaming. Any chance of my sustaining my career, depends upon people purchasing of my music. And it's the same for other indie artists. So please, if you love independent music - buy it! Thanks. ” - Nik Phillips
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