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Changing the world by using music to make life better for people, communities and businesses.” - nik phillips

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Music brings people together and now more than ever before we need to be there for each other! Please explore the web site, grab some music, come to the shows, join the mailing list and help nurture and grow our Sunshine State of Mind!


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Hey please join the mailing list and becoming part of the Sunshine State of Mind Team! Please have fun checking out the website. And hopefully you can make it to one of the shows soon. Oh and also, could I trouble you to tell your friends about my website! Thanks and have a great day full of music - Nik.

About The Sunshine of Mind Show

It was fantastic. Nik's voice as great as every. I was amazed how much interesting history was into-woven in the songs and stories and the segments of TV. Some were hilarious. I loved every minute of it. Great script, great songs, great voice. Thank you Nik. you covered a lot of emotions. ” - Julie D

About the Song Writing Service

Absolutely amazing, professional and truly unique. Couldn’t recommend higher... 5 stars is not enough” - Matt T

If you can financially assist us develop the project, record more songs, visit more communities THANKS!! Also please contact us if your business can consider being a project sponsor.

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