Flanders and Phillips - from Nashville to (Your Town)

A Journey of a Lifetime!

It all begins with passion!

Michael Flanders has just returned to Australia after 13 years of writing, producing, running a publishing company  and performing with numerous great artists in Nashville Tennessee.  He also happens to be one of the best slide and pedal steel guitar players Australia has produced.


Nik Phillips is a unique singer songwriter who has carved out a career across multiple albums, continents, languages and cultures. Nik and Mick have collaborated for almost 30 years!


Now they have produced a new show of country, blues and powerful acoustic songs, which combined with a lifetime of stories, deliver a truly unique evening of live entertainment!

Here is Michael's pedals steel and guitar rig which he plays in the show. Click for more info about Mick's background. 

Postcard - By Nik Phillips and Michael Flanders.