A Christmas Gift For You!

Ahhh - Queensland (to the best of my knowledge), doesn't have a Christmas Carol. I needed to fix that. Please find below a song I've written for Christmas called "A Queensland Carol"! I hope you enjoy it? (This is just a home demo recording, not a studio release!). The video is below and there is also a free audio file if you want to download it!

Please learn to for Christmas 2021. If you do enjoy it please share this page with your friends. Hopefully it can some smiles on a few faces!

If your stuck for a gift for someone, please consider giving my music. It's work I've put my life into and I think there's some good stuff there. You can gift it at https://nikphillips.bandcamp.com/track/historys-pages

Finally, if you haven't already, could I please encourage you to join my mailing list? It's the main way I'll be letting everyone know about songs and new releases next year. Hey and while you're here, please have a look around my web site!

Thanks and I hope that you and your family have a great Sunshine State of Mind Christmas and an awesome New Year!


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